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PVC Aircraft Bellows

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PVC Aircraft Bellows

As passengers prepare to mount an aircraft, a stairway is pushed up against the plane/entrance. Attached to the stairway is a folding bellow which provides a barrier of protection from the elements. We make passenger bellows for aircraft transportation completely bespoke for our clients. We’ve been manufacturing engineered designed bellows for well over 20 years and have a proven design that is a perfect fit for passenger transportation. These bellows are also known as folding canopies.

Cunningham Covers manufacture aircraft bellows for aircrafts. Each one is designed and manufactured to fit exactly and keep out the elements to maximise the comfort of passengers as they board or exit the plane. Our bellows have seen millions of people travelling through them to get to their desired location and our bellows have a durable design to withstand the constant barrage of abuse they receive when being pulled in and out of place during operation.

Our clever design has a specialised protection pad which sits right up against the aircraft when in place. The aircraft is a sensitive piece of kit so every care has to be taken when designing our bellows so that they protect the side of the aircraft rather than scraping or damaging the aircraft in anyway. Costs to repair aircrafts can sky rocket so we at Cunningham take every precaution to utilise impact protection methods in our design to stop any unwanted repair bills for the airline company. We make the perfect seal between the aircraft and the stairlift.

Passenger safety is paramount for airlines and we at Cunningham take this just as seriously. Our bellows are designed for customer comfort but most importantly they are designed for customer safety. Safety designs have been carefully studied to ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to this. Features Impact protection Bespoke design Engineered to last Robust fixing methods Easily fitted Maintenance contract options