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Moisture Vapour Protection Bags

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Moisture Vapour Protection Bags

Moisture Vapour Protection Bags

Our Moisture Vapour Protection (MVP) Bags, sometimes referred to as water vapour resistant bags are designed and developed to protect your assests from moisture and corrosive elements. They are reusuable water and vapour resistant bags used for engine change units and, propulsion units and associated equipment.

Enables Quick Engine Change and Engine Power Plants to be stored against the environment for long periods of time whilst mounted on trolleys. Our bags can also be adapted to frames for total enclosure of the desired parts.


  • Hermetically sealed for storage

  • Reinforced in stress areas to avoid damage

  • Interchangeable sections

  • Long life span

  • Easily fitted and maintained


We have changed with the times and the shifting needs of our customers and provide a wide range of advanced textile solutions. We manufacture clever protective covers at our base in the UK, employing 65 people in our purpose built 50,000 sq factory utilising the latest in textile design. Our capabilities are endless, everything we manufacture can be branded by our in-house printing department.

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